Update Jan 2023: This book is now 7 years old.  Don’t worry about buying it – here’s the PDF. If you like it – buy me a coffee the next time you see me.

The best way to ensure that your Android application is running as fast and optimally as possible is to test.  How do you test the performance of your Android app?  Check out my book for all of the details. Available from O’Reilly, Amazon (and many other retailers!)


From the Forward:

“It’s the ‘in the trenches’ guide to everything performance on Android. Not only does it cover the basic algorithm topics, but also goes into how the hardware and platform are working so you can understand what the crazy tools are telling you. This is the type of book that helps to transform an engineer’s perspective of the platform. It stops being about views and event listeners, and slowly grows to an understanding of memory boundaries and threading problems.

When it’s 4am, your app is running poorly, the coffee machine is out, and your startup incubator room smells like cabbage; this is the book you’ll crack open to make sure that 10:00 AM meeting with the Venture Capitalists runs smoothly.”

-Colt McAnlis, Google, Android Performance Patterns

Update November, 2016:  Now available in Korean: